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the people's dance party


You’re invited to an immersive dance experience like no other: where diverse bodies, identities and movements are celebrated! Whether you’re a bedroom dancing queen, self-proclaimed dance class fanatic or just love to get down at a wedding – get ready to lose yourself to dance.

Witness pop-up dance performances from a range of Bring A Plate’s favourite artists from across the city. Join the action and learn some moves with the artists throughout the evening if you feel the groove, and shake it off your way in-between performances.

Don’t just stand there! Come over and boogie down with Bring A Plate Dance Company; local creators of old school, wholesome good times.

The People’s Dance Party has been running since 2019, bringing together a menagerie of professional dance artists and community performers from across Meanjin’s incredibly rich and resilient dance communities. It aims to educate, cross-pollinate and stimulate both artists and audiences. We guarantee you will be moved!

Want to perform at our next People's Dance Party or know someone who should?!

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Volume 7

Yenenesh Nigusse

Kayah Guenther

Thais Carvalho

Johan Bolivar

Roj Kabalan


Volume 6

Lelani Tahiata

Sugar Kaye Grefaldeo 

Denzal Van Uitregt

Yasim Coronado Veranes

Therese Lefebure

Miss Martoya 

Volume 5 

Diego Perez

Lauren Watson

Amalina Batrysia

Nick & Susie

Crimson Coco 

Melissa Banda

John Standen

Gina Ganjoo - Dance Masala

Volume 4


Juno Toraiwa

Alice Owen

Alessandro Costa & Annie Hill

Tyler Melelosa

Jacob Watton

Ozzy Dinimit


Volume 3

Adrienne as 'Ady La Queen'

Helena Zayna

Jim Deneke

John Standen

Randeep Singh

Ozzy Dinimit

Mumma J

Denzal Van Uitregt

Volume 2


Sami Vee

Yashán Thilakaratnè

Siobhan Gibbs is Thelma


Kalpana Prasad

Big Bird

Yasim Coronado Veranes

Volume 1 

Sweet Old Grams (SOG)

Nisha Bhaga

Miranda vs Arizona

Shaun Dsouza

Sammie Luck

Adam Stanley Jensen

Dani Cabs

Big Bird

If you are interested in performing at the next People's Dance Party we would love to hear from you!

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