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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land which we are gathering and dancing on tonight, the Turrbal and Jagera people, and pay our deep respects to their elders past, present and emerging.  


We think back to the fact that dance has been practiced by their ancestors for tens of thousands of years on this country and how powerful that is.


We honor the rich and complex dance lineages that echo through tonight's performance. We pay respects to their ancestors and the artists who keep these movement languages and stories alive in their bodies.


Tonight’s show is about the ocean. We acknowledge the deep and enduring connection of First Nations peoples worldwide to the ocean and their ongoing fight for sovereignty to be able to care for it sustainably and holistically as they always have. 

Between Olas

Between Olas weaves together visceral memories and experiences of the ocean to create a fable for its much needed protection and reverence. A celebration of the influence of traditional dance styles from the ensembles’ mixed cultural heritage, blended with urban and contemporary dance, audiences will be taken on a voyage that honors the unfathomable beauty and chaos of the sea.  An enduring symbol of life itself, wave after wave after wave. 


This is the first full-length work from NUDO (meaning knot in Spanish), who work to strengthen their ties through dance, culture and friendship, so that they can survive the waves and even sail together on them. In a poignant twist their studio was destroyed in the recent floods


NUDO is a cultural and contemporary dance company creating atmospherically capturing and culturally grounded movement works.  Reflecting the artistic visions of incredible fusion dance artist Yasim Coronado Veranes, NUDO brings together a diverse ensemble of dancers.  


As a new company, NUDO are here to change the landscape of contemporary dance in Australia, sharing powerful stories held in the dance lineages and experiences of their artists.  NUDO creates compelling new dance that pays homage to deep roots and ancient ties, and is dedicated to developing rigorous, safe and respectful practices for working with cultural and contemporary dance.


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