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dance leads to chaos 

What is Dance Leads to Chaos!?

Dance Leads to Chaos is a dance theatre work we are creating that explores what it means and could mean to have dance restricted, limited, or taken away from our lives. The work gathers inspiration from historic bans on dance along with current COVID-19 dance restrictions of movement in public spaces, venues and entertainment areas. It will create a space to openly communicate with audiences and collectively evaluate our connection to dance and its meaning in our lives. We see the final presentation as part musical, part public service announcement, that pops up across South East Queensland in public spaces reminding people that dance is both a right and a privilege.

For 2023 we are undergoing our 2nd Creative Development with the support of Metro Arts, with fingers crossed for a 2024 premier with a festival or larger venue. 

How can I get involved? 

Come and be part of our show! We are filming some fun, large scale, community dance videos to be part of our show pitch to potential investors.  These are FREE stand alone workshops. Come to one or come to all! At each one you will learn a new choreography and be part of a dance video. Snacks provided! Register via the link below or email :)


  • Saturday 20th May 10am-12pm @ GOMA

  • Tuesday 11th July 7pm-9pm @ The End Bar (Live Music)

  • Sunday 6th August 2pm-4pm @ New Farm Park


BecMillard_Friday_Bringaplateflashdancers-6 (3).JPG

FAQ's for the videos

Do I need dance experience?

Absolutely not! And if you do have dance experience then that is great also. We are trying to capture the essence of community and the joy of dance so everyone is welcome to come as they are.

How will the session be run?

The session will start with a a nice slow stretch and a warm up. We will then get into learning a short choreography during which there will be plenty of space for you to bring your own flavour (or a whole plate!). After a short break we will then get into filming for the second hour of the session.

Did you say snacks provided?

Yes we did, not a whole meal though! And only at the 1st & 3rd video. The 2nd video is at The End Bar in West End where you will be able to purchase drinks.

Can kids attend?

Absolutely always! Well, except for the 2nd video because it is in a licensed venue. But for the 1st and 3rd kids are encouraged!

What will the videos be used for?

We will be sharing them as part of our pitch for funding to fully stage this show. We will also be using them on our social media to promote the show and share the joy of dancing with community.



​The themes gathered from this survey will be used to inform the themes explored in the open community workshops which will then culminate in a local ‘Work In Progress’ performance at Metro Arts Brisbane. They will also be gathered for research to better understand and explore the significance of dance in Australian society and culture. Furthermore, how freedom of movement (dance) in public spaces is important by exploring the consequences and feelings around restricted movement. This research will add to the body of research that has explored historical restrictions of dance in different contexts. By publishing this research, it will be impactful to policy makers when responding to public health emergencies. Specifically for decision making in wellbeing initiatives outside of “sport.” In the unthinkable event of future pandemics policy makers will have an evaluation of the importance of dance.

To thank you for your time we will send you a FREE Bring a Plate Dance class voucher. If you would prefer to provide your survey answers via the phone then please send us a message or give us a call and we can call you back to take your responses.  The contact number for a call back is +61 424 093 392


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