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Afro House w Leroy Curwood

Afro House w Leroy Curwood

A monthly taster of dance from across the world on offer here in Magan-djin! The People’s Dance Party ~ Workshop Series! 


Sunday 24th March 4:00pm - 5:30pm Leroy Curwood ~ Afro House *read more below!

Superordinary, 175 MacArthur Avenue, Hamilton 

$25 early bird tickets until midnight Sunday 17th March 


Beginner friendly open and inclusive classes that focus on the feeling, foundations and cultural context of the rich and diverse dance styles being practiced here in Magan-djin (Brisbane). Enjoy the workshop? Follow our artists and keep learning from them!



Afrohouse us a dance style with roots in Angola. Coming to prominence through the brilliance of Angolan-based artists such as Fabio Dance, Os Pilukas and Os Moikanos, the style (as the name suggests) is a synthesis of House (US), Kuduro (a high-energy dance style to electronic music - also called Kuduro - first developed in the 1980’s in Angola) and Traditional Dances i.e. Rebita also from Angola. There are various elements within the Afrohouse dance style: from the early days of simple patterns and deep grooves, to later its fast and intricate footwork, all accompanied by a sense of play and vibrant/sometimes outrageous characterisation make Afrohouse such a joyous and infectious style. Vibes vibes vibes!!! 




Naarm/“Melbourne” born, internationally raised and currently London-based dancer/choreographer/teacher Leroy has been dancing all his life. Now world-renowned, he was a born mover and was brought up in a dance school from the age of 5 in the suburb of Ascot Vale - the wonderful “Helen Curwood Dance Centre”, where he has since trained in Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, Latin, Ballroom and Contemporary. Later, at the age of 12 when Leroy was first exposed to the Robot through Michael Jackson, his imagination piqued and he continued his education in “Street Dance Styles” such as Hip Hop, House and Popping amongst others with Afrohouse being the most recent style. He is now a part of an international dance collective called The Afrohouse Lab and O.A.K both founded by one of the styles most innovative pioneers - Septzilla.  He also is a co-founder of a London based Hip Hop dance company with world-renowned international Hip Hop dancer/choreographer/teacher Sir Proverbs. Additionally, Leroy is a teacher and lecturer at a leading UK-based accredited Professional and Commercial dance and Musical Theatre academy, college and university “Shockout Arts”. In his spare time, he is a highly sought-after teacher globally, having taught at studios around the world since the age of 21, including studios of great historic and cultural relevance in LA such as Millennium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle and the iconic Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. 

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